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25 reasons why you should visit the Algarve in South Portugal

There are so many great reasons for why you should visit the Algarve. Here we have listed our top reasons for why we love this region.

  • 155km of stunning coastline with over 100 magnificent beaches

  • 300 days of sun

  • The best fish & seafood restaurants

  • Excellent golf courses & conditions for golfing

  • Kind & friendly locals

  • Great for surfing with many surf schools around

  • Stunning landscape with cliffs, rock formations, and caves

  • Low cost of living and spending

  • Charming fishing villages

  • Local vineyards offering personal wine tasting

  • Plenty of outdoor activities such as SUP, kayak, horse riding, biking...

  • Still many authentic and untouched hidden gems to discover

  • The perfect mix of cute villages, nature, beaches, and bigger towns

  • Easy access from Europe

  • A safe region

  • Excellent gastronomy with 8 Michelin starred restaurants

  • Great location with proximity to Lisbon & Seville

  • Rich wildlife with dolphins, whales, flamingos, and other birds

  • Fun activities for kids; waterparks, zoos, adventure parks, and more

  • Charming countryside with endless amounts of different trees; olive, orange, lemon, figs, pomegranate...

  • Delicious chicken Piri-Piri

  • Stunning hike trails with breathtaking views of the coastline and the Atlantic ocean

  • The healing thermal spa in Caldas de Monchique

  • Stable climate

  • Yummy pastel de nata

We could think of so many more, but this will be enough for now :)


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